Sunday, February 18, 2007

A victory on and off the ice

First, sorry for being MIA the past few days. My "significant other" from Calgary is in town and we've been, well, busy.

Second, we won last night though it was not a convincing game. Budaj sucks and I love him for it.

Third, Edmonton traded Marc-Andre Bergeron for scraps today. Looks like they're going to be sellers this year. Oilers fans will spin this as a positive move, I'm sure, seeing as M-A Bergeron is a pretty awful player anyway.

Edit: So not only did they send away Bergeron, but a 3rd round 2008 pick also? Amazing incompetence. Bergeron, who was at least in the top 30 in goals by a defenseman, was traded for a guy who isn't even willing to play in the AHL to hone his skills. I smell another Mikhnov, though this guy is decidedly less impressive than Mikhnov.


  1. Ha! How amusing is it that Bergeron's already producing for the Isles? On the PP no less?

  2. I don't understand the Oilers reasoning on this one either. They send a NHL ready defensemen and in return receive an unproven prospect...and yet, they throw in a draft pick to boot.

    Someone really, really disliked Bergeron in that organization is all I can say.

  3. Well. I can point to the Sauve trade last year to note that we can't throw rocks there...

    Bergeron was a convenient scapegoat for the Oil fans though - they always seem to need one (Cory Cross, anyone?), and it's only a matter of time before they get pushed out of town.

  4. I think it's more about management disliking the guy than the fans. You don't just throw away an asset like that without a better reason than "the fans don't seem to like him."

    And while the Sauve trade was a bad one (terrible), it's still fair to point out that this one sucked too.

  5. Well...I wanted to point to the Sauve trade as another management-initiated trade which was a bad one...

    I think it was Kyle on his blog who pointed out they've been putting MAB in situations which he wasn't ready for yet - clearly both the team and fans were losing patience with him quickly. Though agreed, I'm not sure why it was the Oilers who chucked in that draft pick. It's Garth Snow who's supposed to be inexperienced, after all.

    I will miss having MAB kicking around the NW, that's all I'll say ;)

  6. I will miss having MAB kicking around the NW, that's all I'll say ;)