Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Not Morning People

The Flames are not morning people. It takes them time to get up in the morning, or in this case for a 7pm game when you haven't played for three days. The shot counts in particular are telling:
Period 1: Shots For: 8; Shots Against: 19
Period 2: Shots For: 12; Shots Against: 8
Period 3: Shots For: 16; Shots Against: 5

Not too shabby. In fact, it makes a pretty graph:

Now if my calculations are correct, we were trending the right-o-way. Alas, Ned Flanders got some help from Jesus and stopped us in the third period.

The game could have been won had the players woken up earlier. Theory: Are hotel beds too comfortable?


  1. Holy crap, that graph is some kinda funny, and simultaneously astute analysis and the perfect expression of exasperation. Well done.

  2. I was going to post a longer rant about how our D is supposed to be wicked on paper (what team shouldn't kill for Hamrlik/Phaneuf/Regehr/Stuart) but yet is weirdly swiss-cheese-like despite that. Maybe I'll just turn it into haiku.

    In defencive zone
    Goalie faces many shots
    Defenceman unseen

  3. None of this is helped by the fact the Kipper is playing some of his worst hockey since the preseason.