Sunday, February 4, 2007

On the even brighter side...

Dave seems unwilling to talk about last night's game so I guess I better step up.

It was a pretty good game! It was a bit demoralizing to see Vancouver up by two goals after the first period, when I thought Calgary had at least held their own (and after having hit the goalpost twice). But we came on strong.

It probably didn't hurt that the Canucks admittedly had what they thought was one of their worst periods of the season in the second. I'm not gonna complain.

This game helped to illustrate why the Conroy trade was so important. It jolted Lundmark out of his offensive funk, and he contributed a goal to the Kings' 7-0 win...kidding. What the trade did was make Calgary's forward corps far deeper, meaning that they can't just shut down Iggy.

Suddenly, it doesn't matter whether Willie Mitchell can contain Iginla. The Canucks also have to find somebody to look after Huselius on the second line, and to keep Lombardi corked up on the third. (And was it just me, or did Lombardi not get a lot of question time on After Hours? Instead, we were treated to a clip of Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis ummm, demonstrating how close teammates can be).

I'm hoping this bodes well for the road. Conroy might give us that extra bit that lets us win more faceoffs and not turtle under. But we have a few more games on the homestand - they better take those games and make some room in the NW.

Final parting shot: Drew Remenda, you suck. Jim Hughson was producing more informative colour commentary than you were (though that's not saying much).


  1. It's not that I'm unwilling to post, I've just been busy. Brother's been over while I build his computer. It's awesome when you have all new components and something doesn't work. After testing every other component, it was the most of the game I had a screwdriver in my hand and it was tempting to drill it through my head with Remenda's "commentary"...

  2. You were building a computer through the game? I was working on my car.

    Between that and the TBS marathon that was one tonight, I'm feeling distinctly unfeminine.

  3. i posted this over at hockeygirl's site, but found it pertinent here as well:

    didn't you think it was kinda rude to invite lombo onto afterhours and then ignore him for an entire segment ? like, couldn't they have put the pre-taped crap on AFTER he'd been dismissed ? it kinda pissed me off... like the cbc thought "hey, since we have this guy on, let's make him watch two OTHER GUYS (y'know, ones who have stanley cup rings from beating our live guest) and their feel-good comedy act" ??? scott oake, his terrible hair, and useless sidekick should've just piped up "hey, lombo. u got any friends on this team ? ? k, well screw you, your beautiful brown eyes and your perfect teeth, then, and check out these guys. THEY know how to be teammates..." okay i'm done now. :)

  4. Yeah, I saw your comment there...I wanted to rant, but it was a busy weekend...

    I just felt bad for Lombardi! Mind you, he's not as poised as some of the other young players in the league but it wasn't a good segment for him.

    It wasn't even the Marty-and-Vinny Gaydar show, it was the embarrassingly leading questions they gave Lombo.

    "Geez, you're fast. Do you have jet engines in your skates?"

    "So, given you spent 10 months on the beach from a blatantly illegal hit which Hatcher was never really punished for, how do you feel about crushing blows to the head?"

    Do they think he's a congenital idiot after that head shot?

    At least ask about the damn mutton chops, or how the guys are in the room, or how the season's going, or something that proves he has a brain...