Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dear Good Flames,

I'm glad you guys were just on vacation and hadn't packed your bags for the year yet! I was kind of hoping to see you on the road trip and not your evil twins and their bastard red-headed stepchildren, but I'm glad you're still around.

Still, I know how it gets. You needed some shopping time before Valentine's Day, and the conditions in the mountains were just too awesome to ignore. It happens. I mean, I had a rough weekend too.

But I missed you! Can you try to stick around all the time before playoffs? Pleeeeaaase? I need the points for my fantasy teams.



PS. Going 3 for 3 on the PP early last night was awesomeness. You're almost forgiven. And I like the new guys you brought back for us. They looked darn energetic last night, and you need more of that.

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