Friday, February 2, 2007

Oh! My turn...

Kudos to Dave for getting this up and going.

My turn to introduce myself, as somebody else whose rants will show up from time to time.

Like Dave, I'm another Flames fan closeted in Toronto, and feeling frustrated by the Leafs Nation. Also. I'm a girl. Not that it's important or anything. See, as another computer geek, I'm really more one of the guys than most of the guys. Also, I have no eye for design, and I'd rather bake cookies than tweak the that's all in Dave's hands.

But I will write. I contribute to another couple of blogs here and there - having to focus on hockey will hopefully keep me on my game.

And hockey! I've been a Flames fan since I was a tiny wee thing. I saw my first live game at the 'Dome in '87 (We were playing Minnesota. As in North Stars. And we won 4-1). I talked about nothing but hockey the year we won the Cup. In Grade 3. I pushed the frickin' bandwagon through high school and university, when everybody else piled off. My only regret about the recent resurgence of the Flames is that now it's so frickin' hard to get tickets to games I want. Oh. And that I've been stuck in Ontario for most of it.

Anyways, enough of that for now! Excited about this weekend, what with the return of Iggy and Connie and a should-win and a must-win. Off I go to check those out...

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