Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Chicago Pre-Game

Another should-win game tonight. Though I have to say, I don't have a good feeling about this one. Reasons?

  • extended pre-game ceremony: I don't begrudge Vernie his ceremony (more on that later perhaps), but yeah, interferes with the vibe of the team, etc etc.
  • teams we expect to beat always give us a hard time: I can't explain this. But over the years, Calgary has always played up to the level of tough opposition, and gotten slaughtered (or edged out, or had points stolen) by the ones who should be easy. Chicago being a prime culprit the last couple of years.
  • busy weekend: I know the Skills Competition was far less strenuous than the average practice, but Friday and Saturday were pretty draining as far as games go. Hopefully the day off yesterday helped some.
  • road trip ahead: Yeah! Go Team Road Trip! I want them to come East! I really do! I'm going on a road trip to see them! But there's always that risk that they're thinking more about that trip than they are the team in front of them.
But... let's say 2-1 Calgary, with Vernie finally getting the ovation he deserves.

To be honest, it's been long enough and I was little enough that I don't remember much besides that he was That Guy in net. But to put up with the kind of crap from the city that he did right before he left the first time... yeah. No doubt he deserves it.

Ah, let's add another goal for the Ghost of Glory Days Past.



  1. I have a bad feeling about tonight too - however, the Flames home record is just too good to bet against.

  2. Well (and this was never something that happened back when I frequented the 'Dome more regularly)... the big ace in the hole now is the home crowd. It's been amazing ever since we made the playoffs again in '04.

    And the crowd will be completely amped up after invoking the glory days in Vernon's name.

    Hopefully it'll be enough to push the boys past their distractions and preoccupations...

  3. The problem is the boys ain't getting laid on the road. Ship the wives, girlfriends, and poolboys out with them on the road so they can get some poon-tang, then they'll be relaxed for the big show.

  4. Wait.

    Didn't old school coaches tell the wimmenfolk not to put out before big games?

    No wonder they're all grumpy old men...