Monday, February 5, 2007

The Juice

Huselius has steadily crept up to the status of being one of my FavouriteFlames. Check out this sick move from the skills competition yesterday:

Lombardi was "nursing a charlie horse" so he wasn't part of the competition. :( Conroy was in LA fetching more clothes and other personal items. :D

Here are some fun stats:

Puck Control Relay
Team Red: Ritchie, Huselius, Langkow [teh win]
Team White: Giordano, Tanguay, Zyuzin

Fastest Skater
Team Red
Friesen: 13.839 seconds [teh win]
Ritchie: 14.1 seconds
Ference: 14.4 seconds

Team White
Moss: 14.2 seconds
Zyuzin: 14.4 seconds
Giordano: 15.1 seconds

Hardest Shot
Team Red
Amonte: 90.5, 95.0
Friesen: 90.8, 92.8
Iginla: 97.9, 97.7
Ference: 94.4, 93.5

Team White
Giordano: 92.9, 96.1
Moss: 93.5, 90.8
Phaneuf: 96.9, 95.7
Zyuzin: 98.8, 99.1 [teh win -- wait, wtf?]

Shooting Accuracy
Team Red:
Langkow: 3 targets on 8 shots
Ference: 4 targets on 6 shots
Iginla: 3 targets on 8 shots

Team White:
Richie Regehr: 4 targets on 5 shots [teh win -- wait, wtf?]
Lombardi: 2 targets on 8 shots [Lupul award]
Tanguay: 4 targets on 7 shots

Breakaway Relay
McLennan is the stopper.
Team Red:
Ference: Miss
Langkow: Post
Huselius: Scores (see above clip)
Ritchie: Scores
Iginla: Stopped
Amonte: Stopped

Team White
Giordano: Scores
Zyuzin: Scores
Tanguay: Scores
Moss: Stopped
Godard: Stopped
Phaneuf: Stopped

Final Score
White 12 - Red 6

It's bizarre most of our best players are so bad on breakaways.


  1. Isn't it the Flames' SOP to just call Lombo's thing a "lower-body injury?"

    To the point where when they talked to Iggy post-game Saturday, and he called Lombo's charleyhorse a charleyhorse, I cringed.

  2. Dude, you gotta show me the code you used to take out the header on the template but still keep your blog title broadcast! I spent like 5 hours friday nigiht trying to figure it out by trial and error...

    Nice vid by the way.

  3. It took a lot of trial and error for me too, but eventually I nailed it. When I get home I'll add you to my MSN and walk you through it.

  4. Wow, I just watched that Huselius clip about ten times in a row...

    Very impressive, I just wonder if he'd have the confidence to try it in an actual shootout. The way the boys play, I don't think it could hurt too much...