Monday, February 5, 2007

The Chinless One - You're Beautiful

I have a mancrush on Kristian Huselius (hereafter The Chinless One). The above video is part of it. He's just so fluid with the puck. Last season he was guilty of holding on to it perhaps a bit much, but looking at his stats this year and he's getting lots of goals as well as assists. He's all grown up...and he's evenly somewhat defensively responsible.

Very entertaining to watch, he just works his magic...especially on the powerplay. Just toys with people, I love it so much. If only he started talking trash, then he'd be even better. But perhaps he used to talk trash as a kid but people kept making fun of his lack of chin? I hope he's on afterhours at some point so I can ask him that.


  1. Did you make that? It's brilliant. And now I have HU-se-li-uuss in my head. I know I ragged on him quite a bit at the beginning of the season but have come around to being a fan of Huseliuseful.

  2. No, I wish I could take credit for it. Just found it on YouTube looking for Huselius vids.