Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Millions Loses the Handle

So, Millions is out as the play-by-play man on Sportsnet, and Peter Loubardias is in. I've no idea who this is, but it will be a tremendous improvement. Perhaps I'll actually watch the "local" feed on Centre Ice next season rather than the away feed. You know something's wrong with the play-by-play guy when I watch the Nashville feed instead, complete with their explanations about icing and why people are fighting.

What else is going on? Here are some drive-bys, De-troy-it style:

  • Marc Crawford is out as well. Cry me a river, Marcy-marc, but I still hate your guts from Vancouver.
  • The Leafs: Gongshow Edition. I'll never understand why MLSE has such a hard-on for Burke. He's a great GM, but he's not the only one. Hey, it says here he's also under contract for another year. Huh. Oh, I know, let's give Fletcher a whole year just so Burke can come join us then. Because he really wants to. Who wouldn't want to work as GM in one of the most critical cities with one of the most truly-fucked franchises in all of professional sports? Because we know how hard he has it in Anaheim, what with their meddling owners that let him do what he wants. His life would be so much better under the thumb of the Ontario teachers pension fund.

    Did you know that Ron Wilson once played a few games with Burke in prehistoric times? They're BFF now, apparently. So now that the Leafs have hired Ron Wilson, there's no way he can turn down coming to Toronto once his contract expires next year. I CAN'T WAIT (for Burke to shut them down). I'm so sick of the BURKE BURKE BURKE coverage in Toronto here.
  • The Sharks' new coach is Todd McLellan. I don't know much about him, but his resume as assistant coach in Detroit plus his junior experience is quite impressive. I'll be keeping my eyes on him. I'm surprised the Sharks didn't try to lure Burke for the coaching job.
  • Linden retires. M-e-h.
  • I want some bigass trades. Not necessarily on the Flames (but maybe), but I need me some juicy hockey news. I so don't care about Toronto or San Jose.
  • What's the over-under on Nickelback doing next year's HNIC theme? I need to make sure my MUTE button is in working order before the new season.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I knew if I turned on the TV tonight, the Pens would be doomed. And what a hell of a way to lose the game, as it turned out.

Well, good for Detroit for just dominating these playoffs. That said, in the grand pantheon of Flames gone by, Gary Roberts >>>>>> (Stuart + McCarty).

Think about that.

Brad Stuart has a Cup ring.