Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I knew if I turned on the TV tonight, the Pens would be doomed. And what a hell of a way to lose the game, as it turned out.

Well, good for Detroit for just dominating these playoffs. That said, in the grand pantheon of Flames gone by, Gary Roberts >>>>>> (Stuart + McCarty).

Think about that.

Brad Stuart has a Cup ring.

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  1. Brad Stuart has a Cup ring.

    this was the only reason i was cheering for the pens (well, that and jordan staal)... in the end, while brad stuart receives a lot of venom from disgruntled flames fans, it's not his fault that daz traded andy and chuck. it's just his fault for not re-signing...

    ultimately, i'd say the dude is simply lucky. i mean, going from the worst team in the league to the best on deadline day ??? wow. good for him...