Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I urge you all to read this blog post from an Oilers fan back when Vernon's jersey was retired.

It's about the Calgary Flames and their ill-advised decision to include the Stanley Cup in the ceremony. It wasn't for decoration. That would have made the act only mildly and predictably unacceptable. But unacceptable nonetheless. No, the Flames went the country mile on this one, handing the Cup to Mike's old 1989 teammate Joe Nieuwendyk who emerged from the tunnel for the on-ice festivities with the Cup hoisted high over his head.

So if you're wondering how the lowly Chicago Blackhawks managed to erase a two-goal third period deficit to defeat the Flames - one of the stingiest defensive teams in the NHL later that very same night? Karma, dude. Karma.

Lord Stanley's got your back, Stanley Cup.

In light of recent events today, I think no further explanation is required. I await his latest post.

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  1. Whoa. Is there such a thing as "meta-karma". Poetic justice perthaps?