Sunday, March 4, 2007

Saturday Night's Alriiiight (Edmonton Post-Game)

First, props to Leanne for hosting a little hockey-Settlers of Catan shindig at her place last night. There were two Leafs fans, two Flames fans, and two Oilers fans that ended up coming -- only two of us went home happy with hockey. And that's how I like it.

Second, a pretty good game last night. I remain a bit concerned with how many turnovers we're giving. There was a particularly brutal one last night to give Sykora and incredible breakaway. Kipper bailed us out tonight, but I'm confident our players know that and will continue to work on reducing those giveaways.

Our defensive-zone coverage was noticeably improved, I think our new guys are starting to gel together more. Hamrlik and Phaneuf were solid, as usual. Where is Hale, by the way? I'd rather he screws up as he adjusts to the team now than in the playoffs...

I'm also amazed how fragile the Oilers are, both mentally and physically. Stortini doesn't have the balls to fight anyone on the Flames, it seems -- or MacT doesn't have the balls to let his team play with heart. Hemsky got injured, boo hoo. The Oilers, my friends, are not going to be a serious team for years to come -- maybe I'm not too unhappy with our division-heavy schedule afterall.

Thirdly, Leland Irving got himself another shutout last night. Lookin' good.

Bring on St. Louis! Time to string 'em together, boys.


  1. Well...actually...since it was at my place, only one of us went home happy...

  2. Yeah to the new and (maybe) improved road Flames!

    Yeah to your friend and mine, Leland!

  3. I hope you gave those Greaser fans the gears all night.

  4. Oh, I started bugging them even as I invited them over... Bring beer! Drown your sorrows!

    If anything, it's less fun now that they're clearly out of it.

    It did let them concentrate on the board games much better than I (or Dave) could...sigh.