Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Blue Moon?

We beat the Oilers while on the road for the second time Saturday, and tonight we beat the Blues while on the road for the second time this season.

Pretty cool. We're not out of the bushes yet. While St. Louis has improved significantly since Andy Murray was hired, they're still not the type of team we're aiming for. I will be more convinced if say, we can beat Nashville on Thursday, or swallow alive another team close to that caliber.

There were some things I did like though.

Comeback kids While I predicted a 5-2 win, I didn't quite expect the Blues to get their two in the first period. Some tough luck with goaltending, but good on the guys for battling back for the 4-2 win.

The big guns For the first time in (I think) a while, the top line really did deserve top billing. The guys on the Fan 960 broadcast kept on emphasizing how Craig Conroy in particular had to get his game going after being relatively quiet - and they responded. The combination of Iggy/Conroy/Tanguay contributed to every single goal tonight.

And thanks for coming out All in all, the Flames played one of their most complete games in recent history. Good pressure throughout the game - the kind which you need if you're going to win consistently on the road.

Next up: A team that's scared me senseless since Christmas 2005. Then. I've been looking forward to the one after that since June 2004, I think. Time to get some back.


  1. It wasn't thoroughly convincing, but it was a win so I guess we'll take it.

  2. :)

    I think even a month ago, if the Blues had us down 2-0 by the first, we might have stayed down.

    Nashville will be a much better gauge of where we are...

  3. Should we be worried that Kyle has an evil twin now?

    Eeek. Nashville. Is it wrong I want to run and hide?