Monday, March 12, 2007

Blue Monday

Yes, yes, I know...enough with the terrible puns already!

We're all a bit down again with their performance lately. I don't have much to say about Saturday night, except that I too dropped my dinner, and John Tortorella dresses every bit as badly as our Jimmy. I'd like to see some improved defensive zone coverage, especially in our own barn. Tampa managed to generate a lot of PPs and well, goals, because we simply weren't able to clear the puck efficiently.

Other local hockey news... you have to check out the Herald's post-game summary of yesterday afternoon's Hitmen game. Crazy attendance figures for a game in the juniors, vomiting (I feel your pain, Spence), and a goalie fight! What's not to like?

Umm. Back to the big boys. I'm still not that worried about playing the Blues, particularly at home. I can't help but emphasize how important it is for the guys to try and move up the standings a bit before the playoffs start - who really wants to play Nashville for starters? More to the point, who wants to play more teams after they play Nashville for starters?

There are some bright spots out there. I think the tandem of Stuart and Regehr is improving - Stuart had what I thought was his most impressive game so far Saturday night, with some amazing plays to help out Kipper. And will we see Friesen extend his goal-scoring streak to three games? A lot of people have been dumping on Friesen all year, though I've suspected for a while that it hasn't been completely deserved. One day, when I have more free time and the inclination to do a bit of number crunching, I'll present a deeper analysis. But Friesen has been quietly playing a lot of hard minutes on the PK, and I think he's a big reason why our special teams have improved this year.

What else, what else? Hale is getting better though not ready to play yet (or should I say, not hale yet? I kill myself, hahahaha), Conroy is reportedly out with an upper body something (Saturday night I thought it was a knee or somesuch). Hopefully Lombardi can retrieve some of his minutes and get himself out of the doghouse (or is that the igloo with the cute baby seals?).

That said, I think we can expect a strong game from the boys, especially because they lost on HNIC.

I'm going keep on predicting 5-2 for the good guys, until they win another one.

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  1. Sorry...I can't take part in the Friesen support. He doesn't do enough for his 1.6 M: "working hard every shift" isn't enough. Also, Calgary's PK has wallowed in the bottom 1/4 of the league for the entire year (currently 24th), so it's not like his yeoman work there has made any tangible difference either.

  2. That poor goalie. That's so hilarious and disgusting. In front of that crowd, too? I was in the Saddledome when the Ice elminated the Hitmen in the 2000 playoffs and there were about 16,000 people. Crazy awesome atmosphere for a junior hockey game. What struck me from that story was the two guys that fought -Calgary heavyweight Ryan Gillen (six foot seven, 230 pounds) beat down Saskatoon toughie Garret Klotz (six foot six, 235 pounds)- Those kids are going to be freaking monsters.

    Oh, and yes, I'm in denial today. Flames? What Flames?

  3. The Ice are playing the Hitmen later this week... bring it!

    Yeah...initially the 'Dome was waaaay too big for the Hitmen, but now (especially with the Flames doing well and tickets for them hard to come by), they're chugging away nicely. Teddy Bear night is definitely the best though...

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  5. yeah... it was an awesomely entertaining game. one of the best i've attended ever (including flames games). the SH goal was kickass and directly in front of us, and the goalie fight was stuff of legend (you should've seen spence pointing at centre-ice, wanting to go right on the faceoff circle). we missed the puking though, as it was in our "blindspot". we knew something happened, and there was some cleanup involved, but we presumed blood. it was an awkward play-stoppage, though, with the blades ready to faceoff...

    [the deleted comment was me, having posted this from jason's account when he forgot to sign out]

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  7. I miss WHL games, they are so different from games here in the O; anyone else notice that?