Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Breathing easier

Last night's game was more like it. A 2-1 score, grabbing the lead and never ever letting go of it, and most importantly, a win. More like the Flames of yore, taking care of business in their own end before trying to rack up the score in the other end.

Here's hoping Detroit can get their act together and take #1 in the Central Division. After a game like last night, I'd much rather play them in the first round than Nashville.

Are we out of the bushes yet? Until we eliminate Colorado from the running, nope. I will also be more convinced should we pull together a game like this against Nashville, perhaps even with scoring while even-strength. Or, if Sutter doesn't have to walk into the dressing room today and give the same speech as Monday. Or, if Vokoun or Mason doesn't flop down with the puck in play, hoping to draw the goalie interference.

But we'll see? The month or so before playoffs start should be exciting - in Calgary it was too long a time where they weren't. I'd love to get in handily, but as long as we end up on top of that line instead of under, we might as well enjoy the ride...

Anyways. Anybody scared about playing Nashville tomorrow night? I know I am.


  1. still a lot of turnovers last night.

  2. I'm feeling pretty good right now for some reason...

    Maybe too much hockey of my own lately (4 games the last 3 nights, plus another one tonight) and not enough sleep have made me a little delirious, but I think we can take the Predators tomorrow night...

    And I haven't been afraid of the Red Wings in a long time...

    Of course, Bertuzzi is back tomorrow night...

  3. still a lot of turnovers last night.

    I agree. From the d-men (Reggie, Hammer) in particular.

    However, at least the team actually played with some intensity. And Kipper was on.

    As for Nashville...surely the odds are we'll beat them at least once...right? Right?

  4. Dunno. The Preds might be a bit annoyed by the outcome of the game that's just finishing now.

    Admittedly, I get most of my hockey from the internet radio. But what I sensed was a bit more awareness in the defensive zone... and a lead we could actually hold onto, slim though it was.

    Baby steps, but nonetheless, all in the right direction...