Saturday, March 10, 2007

Overdue (Tampa Bay Pre-game)

Not too much to say.

It was disappointing to have lost the last game of the road trip in Nashville, but having done a rough survey of everybody in the blogosphere, I think we all vaguely expected that sort of outcome anyways.

That said, it was disappointing to have lost it in the way we did - we were competitive through the first period, at least. I would comment more on the game, but honestly, I bailed out once Nashville scored their third of the night (it's a busy life these days, sigh).

I'm not going to be around for all of tonight's game, and hope to watch the good parts version on Dave's PVR eventually.

This could be a mostly meaningless game, with an Eastern Conference rival, but it won't be, will it? The Herald today raised an excellent point, about how it's just been too damn long since we played them. The Lightning should be less challenging than Nashville was the other night - on the other hand, we know all too well they're not a team to be taken lightly. I note that David Hale is still out of the lineup - here's hoping things will be better for him soon.

Look for the Flames to exorcise the ghosts of playoffs past (It was IN, dammit!) and kill TBay. 5-2 for the good guys. And no bloody double overtimes ;)

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