Thursday, March 8, 2007

Nashville Post-Game

An accurate description of how I feel right now.

Coach Dave has some tips for the Flames:

  • Don't give the top team in the NHL two 5 on 3s.
  • Discover the phrase "defensive-zone coverage."
  • Play hard all game, don't take a shift off.
  • Somebody get Hamrlik a copy of the NHL Rulebook, that man is one confused player
The simple truth is we're not going to win anything in the post-season until we can beat top teams on the road. And we can't do it. Shape up or ship out, boys, we're getting close to the real thing.

I would post some more information specifically regarding the game, but there's really not much point. The first period we played 19 minutes, then we took a night off. I think Iginla and Friesen are the only guys who showed up tonight.


  1. An accurate description of how I feel right now.

    I actually kinda feel dead inside but I'm glad you have some emotion that you can recognize.

  2. I'm very glad I only watched part of the first period. Otherwise I'd feel worse than I do about it.

    It's sad that I (accurately) resigned myself to this outcome before the game started.