Thursday, March 1, 2007

I take it back, I take it all back.


And nevermind the new NHL. I hope Bettman choked on his morning biscotti when he realized that we generated another trappy sister-kisser in the 'Dome last night.

My thoughts on the game (minus the ten minutes I spent passed out and oblivious to everything):

Kipper is back. Easily the best player on either team on the ice last night.
Gift-wrapped. Was it just me, or should we have been able to put more than one shot past Harding, given how little time he's spent playing? I guess we need to give some credit to Minnesota's D for collasping around him.
Gift-wrapped, Part II. Praise be to Iggy, indeed, but praise also the refs and Brett Burns. Why do other players in the NW always forget that when you make Iggy mad, he will make you pay? Not that I'm complaining. And nothng beats watching highlights in the morning and seeing that zillion-watt-smile.
MIA. Where the hell was Lombo in the second half of the game? I checked the shift chart, and it looks like he and Primeau didn't have more than a couple of shifts. You'd think he'd be good to counter a speedy team like Minnesota's becoming, but what's the story here? We saw an awful lot of Friesen/Yelle/Nilson by comparison.
Not out of the bushes. I'm still seeing a lot of trouble in the defensive zone, specifically, our inability at times to clear the puck. Also, this game reminded me a lot of the usual sorts of road games we play, probably due to our offense trying fancy-schmancy plays which don't work so well when the other guy's defense is boxed up tightly in front of their goalie.

Up next: We got a big game Saturday night. We're riding some highs, the other guys are riding some lows. Should be a good time.


  1. Give Harding some credit, he looked very very good.

  2. Oh, I'm not questioning that at all. However, I would have liked us to put a bit more pressure on him, knowing that potentially he could be a weak spot. But Minnesota's defense was very effective last night, and the guys didn't get that many shots through to Harding.

    And I see he collected a shutout tonight. So he's definitely not shabby at all.