Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Belated Everything!

So this time last year (thereabouts), a bunch of blogs were born.

Happy first anniversary to all our other co-Flames bloggers out there. It's been a crazy year, and I'm (and I assume Dave is too) delighted to have met many of you on occasion.

How crazy a year has it been? Let me present to you our year in fabulous, hilarious greatest hits, Open Ice Hits style:

Dear Road Flames
Liveblog vs Dallas: the Kill me Now edition
Dave's not-quite excellent adventure in Detroit
Oh, Captain, our Captain
All hail Nilson!

(And yes, I know the end of the month has passed. I'm not kidding about the belated-everything of the post title. Fantasy standings up shortly. Really. Just let me climb on top again.)

So tonight we're playing the Oilers in what will be a momentous (I'm hoping not) first start for Curtis Joseph, the ex-Coyote, ex-Leaf, ex-Oiler, ex-ex midseason signing we made. It'll be a momentous start also for the Oilers' newly acquired Curtis Glencross, who tanned our asses last time the Jackets were in town (alas, I had front row seats to the tanning, and thus actually didn't get a good look at anything).

Should be a good game for us, not so good a game for our surly hosts. 5-1. Iggy with the half-Nilson hat trick.


  1. thanks for the "birthday" wishes !!!! i will ignore everything else about last night's game. even though i bet the flames will have a hard time walking today. NO LUBE !!!

  2. See, I was thinking they screwed the pooch, but they missed the hole.