Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It's a bit more expensive than I wanted, but looks like we bagged Phaneuf for another 6 years. It's roughly $6.5 M/year according to all sorts of sources I haven't bothered to verify yet.

Overall? A bit more expensive than we probably want, but them's the prices...

As for Huselius/Langkow/Tanguay/10 other guys next year?


(Can I just add that Nilson played last night, and we won? I'm just saying)

Did I mention I think this is a touch expensive?

Update: TSN has the story here


  1. But Leanne! Don't you know the Flames can survive on a 4 man team!?

  2. would've been more expensive to match an offer sheet, and daz pretty much said he would've anyways.....

  3. walkinvisible has a point. You don't want of those nasty Dustin Penner-esque things on your hand either. Unpretty.

    And Dion? Pretty. A little eerily broody in that I-think-maybe-he's-looking-right-through-me kind of way. but congrats! I actually like seeing him crush people. It's thrilling.

  4. wow.
    mark this day on your calendar.

    not only did dion sign but he was also referred to as 'pretty.'

    wow !

  5. Yeah. I do think this is an awesome thing where we do avoid the offer sheet scenario (see the post title. I am excited. I really am). And five and a half years from now, we'll be laughing.

    But looking at the cap situation next year depresses me.

    I'll live though :)

  6. now all you have to do is swap out conroy for regehr in the open ice hits banner, and you're good to go for years to come !!!