Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pack your bags!

And hope that the Habs don't steal them...

In all seriousness though, this is going to be a long tedious stretch of games, where the Flames don't see the lights of the 'Dome for a week and a half, as they churn through the Pacific Division. There's some tough teams, and some easy teams which have played tougher lately, which is worrying, given our history of underestimating the other guy.

Unfortunately, I too will be on the road, headed for the Eastern time zone, making it harder to watch games...maybe I'll crash Dave's place sometime and hijack the TV.

Anyways! Tonight we play the Sharks, who have quietly been having a darn decent year. They're back on track, and starting to win at home (I think). In terms of matchups, the secondary scoring which has been our primary scoring for the last month will be pretty key, and it would help if our primary scorers (not naming names, but y'know...) could get going too.

Hopefully they've gotten all the penalty-taking out of their system after the Edmonton game... we will get killed on special teams should bodies start piling up in the box.

I'm going to predict a strong start to the road trip, and a Flames victory. All those barns they're visiting... well.

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