Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Walk This Way, Talk This Way

The Flames have split the first four games of this roadtrip, and are now facing the most challenging opponent of that entire road trip. Dallas has a history of owning the Flames as of late, and I'd hope that this does not continue.

Iginla has been picking it up again. I'm not going to say he's been hot, but he's been better than he has been recently. Phaneuf has been a (sorry) MONSTER. Ever since his signing, he's been the top Flame.

But on not-so-optimistic side, Calgary currently sits in 8th. On the edge between Playoffs and "This Is Oil Country", and a first round date with Detroit (which admittedly, isn't as scary as it once was right now). This is somewhat of an oddity, but Vancouver and Calgary are in an exact tie right now and I'm not sure why Vancouver is in 7th and not Calgary -- can't we at least go alphabetically by city name?
Vancouver: 60GP, 30-22-8, 68pts
Calgary: 60GP, 30-22-8, 68pts

I'm also continually amazed to look at Kiprusoff's stats and see a big fat "0" in shutouts this season. The guy can't seem to buy himself a shutout this season, though his sub-standard play is of course part of the blame, worse goalies have gotten shutouts this season? Is tonight the game for his shutout? Nope.

This will be a tough one, and everyone knows it. Part of me is scared to watch it. But, make no mistake, this is a BigGame™. Winning it can be the start of something beautiful!


  1. Or at least the delay of something very ugly.

  2. Speaking of ugly, Dave...holy dropped-the-ball-ness.