Thursday, February 7, 2008

Four Guys To Take On Chicago

Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla, Miikka Sakari Kiprusoff, and Robyn Regehr recently welcomed into their new family an adopted boy named Dion Phaneuf. These four brave men alone will take on the ferocious Chicago Blackhawks in a battle of the ages tonight.

Will they take the night off, like the Edmonton game; or will they show up, like the last 15 minutes of the Phoenix game? My money is on "show up", Iggy's last second(s) goal in the Phoenix game is remarkably similar to one earlier this season in the last second(s) against the tenacious Florida Panthers. My completely unbiased heart tells me this will be the start of another streak.

I've got some concerns over the top-heavyness of the roster starting next season. But ultimately, like virtually every other Flames fan, I'm thrilled Dion will be with the team for many years to come. The cap will go up, but at what point does the ownership group set their own cap for how much they can pay? I'm starting to think we're approaching the ownership's cap, and it does concern me slightly.

I also think it's time to post some Fantasy hockey standings for the Sporting News league I'm in with Leanne:
#1. Marcus Nilson Allstars: 1294 (this is me)
#2. Leafs Still Suck: 1281
#3: The Zack Stortini Hug-Fighters: 1013
#4: P Rod's Punishers: 905
#5: Timbit's Hockey: 885 (only players 5'11" and under)
#6: Team Affirmative Action: 697 (visible minorities only)
#7: number 9: 681

And LASTly:
#8: Leanne: 594

Booya indeed, Leanne!

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