Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back in Action

Eight days is WAY too long, though surely, we've already mentioned this.

So... San Jose is a darn decent team. We should beware, especially with as much rust as I anticipate seeing, after a very slack two or so weeks. I don't expect that their acquisition of Jody Shelley changes things much for us, except that Godard probably gets some time away from the press box.

It's important for us to come out of the gate hard, even with Eriksson apparently all better now. The schedule doesn't get a lot easier over the next couple of weeks, so it'll be good if we can build some momentum.

I had the good fortune of watching the Hitmen at the 'Dome last night (for free!), and it was a one-sided affair against the Kootenay Ice. The Hitmen just spanked the Ice. They built a 3-0 lead within the first five minutes (resulting in the Ice's starter getting yanked after four shots), and stayed ahead the rest of the night.

Particularly cool on the scouting front was getting to watch John Negrin (now with Kootenay) play in a real game setting. He'll be... fine. Obviously he's a bit more at home halfway through the season in the WHL than in an NHL training camp, but he was much improved from September. He seemed to show some good sense, made a bunch of smart plays, (not surprisingly) isn't afraid of the physical stuff and was the Ice's go-to guy on special teams. He definitely needs some more time to grow, but I could see him being a third or fourth D-man in a couple of years, with an eye to moving up the depth chart. I do think for now he needs another season at least of development, whether it's still in the W (he's only 18, after all) or in the AHL (my preference).

Anyways, that was good times. It's been a long while since I last went to see the Hitmen, and it was a lot of fun. Hopefully the Flames can make it two nights in a row for good times in the 'Dome...

(Superstitiously NOT making a game-time prediction. But... go Flames.)


  1. Uh... I was going to say something all nice but then I read the wrong words: The Hitmen just spanked the Ice. Phooey.

  2. I want my Shelley to get a goal...........and my Seto.....

  3. I'm sorry, m'girl. Blame it on your goalie.

    Also. Don't check the score of tonight's rematch in Cranbrook...

  4. i presume you've checked the pix of the flames poker tourney... if you haven't, you should. there's a belter of a pic of nilson... ;)