Friday, January 25, 2008

Anyone have a toddler and a box of crayons?

Flames not playing games watch: We're about halfway through our eight day break. Just DYING of boredom here (if not for things like school and work and getting on with our actual lives, such as the all-weekend Lost marathon, and watching foreign movies only two other people have heard of...)

So we did some looking about the intarweb, and have come up with some things by which you can entertain yourself. But! Don't forget the AllStar game!

(Now that we've pimped the game for Versus, our mugs are in the mail, right? Right?)

What else can we do? There's video fun, from MG and the ole CBC.

And speaking of video fun, and the CBC, if you haven't amused yourself enough, check out this handy dandy time-waster. I've never been so glad somebody has used my tax dollars to harness the power of Web 2.0. See?

Wednesday cannot come soon enough.

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