Sunday, January 13, 2008


What else would you call a 17-0 win?

Oh. That wasn't an NHL win? They were girls? Oh well. Props to the U-18 goodness that happened in Calgary this week. Never fear. I think those feisty Finns will have a more potent response come next year. (Or the year after that or at some point in the future. You know.)

Also without this tourney, I would have never learned the following:

Atlanta rookie Tobias Enstrom, besides having a sister (the youngest of them all) named Tina, also has brothers named Thomas and Tommy. They're all good hockey players, apparently, but is there a dearth of first names for boys in Sweden, beginning with 'T'?

Also, Phil Kessel's sister is our David Moss' cousin. Which, unless given some sort of sordid bizarre family connection, means that Moss and Phil Kessel are cousins. Cool, huh?

(I know...useless, but still cool)

So tonight brings us to a team I actually care about playing, unlike, oh, the last two or three teams. Edmonton. Good times, yes?

It's kind of a shame that the contests over the last couple of years (blame the schedule, like I do) have been dropping in terms of intensity. It might be due to the disparity in terms of the performance of both teams, who knows? (blame the schedule!)

We've been losing, and they've been winning, but I don't think either streak will last. Mind you, Edmonton has improved their goaltending significantly since they started using Garon regularly, but of course he's no match for the almighty shot of ummmm....y'know... Godard and Yelle and Warrener.

On our side... geez, has anyone mentioned that the defence needs to improve? No? Well...they do. No giveaways, no standing around, nobody doing their best pylon imitations. And most of all, no lazy.

And the outcome? Even though the Home Flames of 2008 are determined to scuttle our plans for sleeping well at night, we're on the road, heh. Kipper gets his first shutout of the year. Unfortunately, it's not a 17-0 outcome like the girls managed - but I think 2-0 is doable.

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  1. Sigh.

    So the trick to my predictions is that I'm off by one, and the other guys get the score I predicted for us.

    I'll be sure to call a 17-0 loss for us next time.