Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Andy and Steve Traveling Road Show

I don't know how many of you had the opportunity to spend today malingering on the couch with TSN going all day long, but I did!

Trust me, after these holidays, it's been much deserved.

The morning started off with watching Canada advance yet another round. And despite the Flames' long record of draft busts from Europe, I like Puustinen. He definitely stood out today, moreso than I ever saw at training camp.

Let me fast forward about three or four hours, to a special documentary produced by the league, about the adventures of Andrew Ference and Steve Montador in Africa, from last summer, as they visited tons of places for Right To Play.

I'm so proud of those guys. While it's pure marketing gold for the league, the show did highlight why it's so important that players get involved in things outside of the scope of their own normal lives. Just heart-breaking and happy, all rolled up in one.

Though, there will be hell to pay, if Ference's demonstrated goal demonstrations ever catch on. (He showed the kids what players do after they score: Ride a stick, hopping up and down, while miming a lasso throw).

And kudos also to Steve Montador for making a commitment to go on damn short notice - the story is Georges Laraque was supposed to go, but couldn't due to an offseason injury. Though I'm sure Georges would have been a massive hit.

Damn, I miss Ference.

So tonight! The Rangers. Who have not been here since 2002. And it is now (barely) 2008. Do the math.

I have nothing. They have a lot of snipers firing blanks. And a darn good goalie. We have a lot of guys who can skate fast (hint), forecheck hard (hint) and are trying to play consistently (hint).

Um. 5-2 Flames, with Sean Avery left dangling over the glass after he scampers up there to evade (a puzzlingly enraged) Dion and Iggy.

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