Monday, December 31, 2007

Jeff Shantz and Rico Fata are still alive?

Apparently so. Who knew?

Kudos to Mark Giordano and Hnat Domenichelli for winning that other Christmastime tourney.

We'll keep it short today. Boo Canucks, go Flames. Let's see the team play a full 60 minutes without falling asleep on their feet, and maybe let's slip Luongo some tainted eggnog. It's getting past the best before date of that stuff, y'know.

49-1 Calgary (originally it was going to be an aping of MG's infamous 4-1 prediction, then my fingers slipped reaching for the hyphen. And why the hell shouldn't I leave it that way? What? Oh. Happy thoughts! And Happy New Year! )


  1. Felt so good to get a win against the Canucks finally.

    I read the Vancouver Province writeup for the game and felt sick, though. The way it was written, the Flames have just now proven they "can play with the Canucks" and were simply lucky in the game. Real professional journalism.

  2. in addition to MG's 4-1 predictions, i just wanted to remind everyone of this post, one of my alltime favorite predictions.

  3. hah! You really were impressed by that weren't you?

    Apparently I should go off the rails more often.

  4. Former Flames Rene Corbet and Blake Sloan also play on that team with Shantz.

    You know that Domnichelli, Langkow and Iginla played on a line together in the World Juniors - also on that team Aucoin, Gauthier and Warrener?

    Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

  5. I saw Rene Corbet's name in the roster too, but didn't want to turn it into a laundry list...

    Crazy, hey? Small world...