Sunday, December 23, 2007

Brother to Brother Battle Royale.... or yeah, whatever

If this were any other coach, we'd probably look at the goaltending battle? Kipper? Yes. Marty? Oh, yes. Bring it on. Bring it ON, I say!

We'd look at their young kids. Zach Parise is quietly having a darned good season (or he better be, given how many fantasy teams I've got him on). And don't forget Travis Zajac. And not stellar, but notable is Johnny Oduya, probably the only black Swede in the league.

We'd look at their solid veteran corps. Elias, Gionta, Lagenbrunner... darned decent.

In short, we'd be looking at a team that should be a pretty good match. They're still prone to playing a stolid, defensive style, so the hometown boys will have to crash and bash and keep skating hard to get through it.

And Coach Sutter? Welcome home. Hope you don't mind if we don't set out too fancy a welcome mat.

4-1 Flames, as the Devils fall victim to altitude sickness, or something.


  1. Johnny Oduya, probably the only black Swede in the league.

    PROBABLY ??!?!?!??? ;)
    happy holidays, see you next week...

  2. Probably ;)

    (I know as soon as I say that definitively, some callup is going to come in from the AHL to prove me wrong)

    We're still on for Thursday, yes? Kilkenny?

  3. i'm in, duncan's in, you're in. we'll see who else shows (kyle? MG ? rob from the gsn ?)

  4. I presume Dave is being treated as invisible until otherwise proven ;)

  5. I should be there...what time is everyone meeting there? And where? I don't know what anyone but Leanne (and WI from her icon) look like, and that bar can be crazy busy.