Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ok, everybody. Back on the bandwagon we go....

It's been a pretty good road trip, hasn't it? I asked the boys to go big or go home, and they went big! And how.

Added to the list of amazing accomplishments is Huselius' 5 pt night today, which rather makes me wonder if, um, Dave remembered to start him. Dave? Dave?

We'll find out.

I think what's impressed me most about this road trip is that we've heard the "YEAAAAAHHHHH BAAAAABY" twice on the radio. Twice. In a single road trip. In the middle of the season. Who would've thunk? First time for the Flames' barnburner in Tampa (I think Peter Maher wanted to do it in Tampa once, because he didn't get to do it in '04). Second was for Keenan's 600th win tonight, which is quite the milestone. Yupyupyup.

Stupid PPV.

I don't think all is rosy with the team. Clearly a number of players have got their groove back...there's still a pile of others who haven't. It's just as well we've remembered how to score, because Kipper hasn't always been dead on.

And I have this other burning question, which is, whether last year's Road Flames (BOOO!) have become this year's Home Flames.... I haven't really squinted at the numbers (I'm supposed to be pounding out a paper right now), but I think the team has been much more confident on the road this year than at home. Whatever.

Stay tuned! We get to arm-wrestle Columbus for a playoff spot next. It'll be a gooder.

Update: Is ... that.... the NHL Three Stars of the Week? And, OMG! Is that, Iggy, #1 man in the league? Well, #2 doesn't matter, that's just the first loser, hahahaha, but who's that in #3?


Life is good.


  1. The last time the Flames were this effective on the road marked the start of the band wagon and/or the Red Mile when it was cool.

    I'm trying not to get excited because the boys have to win every game between now and playoffs but it's hard not to get a bit stoked.

    Just a little.

  2. ....time for the Blue Jackets to bring you guys back down to reality....

    **I really am just saying that to make myself feel's going to be a long night**