Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fantasy Standings! (and maybe a game I won't talkabout much)

Oh. December happened,and I barely noticed. And a bit of distraction is in order. These are the standings from the Flames blogosphere league:

  1. woolly brained (me)
  2. The Pant Weasels (Dave's brother)
  3. The Hopelesses (MG)
  4. Flaming C (Paul-Marc)
  5. Craig Conroys (Duncan)
  6. Completely Hammered (ST)
  7. The Pantless Pirates (Dave)
I think we're being fair hosts. I've got the lead, while Dave's bringing up the rear. All good!

MG has had a strong month - I've only recently managed to take the lead from him, while Dave's brother and Mr. Flaming C have been hard on my heels the entire time.

I don't think Dave wants to talk about his month. He's getting completely hosed by injuries...at least that'stheexcusehe'sstickingto.

Flamesland is not looking so good lately. Ramholt has been sent down pretty unceremoniously, and Pardy is up, well, at least for the night. I'm looking forward to seeing what Pardy can do - of all the Ds at the prospects camp I thought he was the most solid.

Elsewhere, Dark Mutterings abound, and the Blues are here, just waiting to Stempniak us. Well, not much we can do about that, I suppose. Just hope that we can turn the corner. Ish.

I'll settle for Ish. How about a 2-1 game tonight, for the guys who need the win?



  1. My month was great - up until that weekend when Gerber and Huet got shelled and Brindamour and Williams were a combined -7 in one game...


  2. Stempniaked!

    I guess I can go play some volleyball in peace.

  3. I have to say, "the pantless pirates" is one of the best team names I've seen in a long time.

  4. I agree, and that's why I'm winning the league by default. I'm just letting these suckers think they're going to win!

  5. Slow and steady...

    Just biding my time until I'm but a memory, and then I'll strike...

    It's all about the hustle...

    Or something like that... lol

    I shall return! (and so will my blog entries)... : D