Sunday, December 9, 2007

The kids have got to be alright....right?

Unfortunately from last year's performance, I'm more than a bit apprehensive about road trips.

And this upcoming road trip has all the hallmarks of a disastrous, season-killing gong show.

Long? Check.
Jet Lag? Check.
Teams who have your number? Check.
A marked lack of confidence in your own play? Check.
Marginal, pseudo-injuries? Check.
Shaky goaltending? Check.

The first installment features our boys against those crazy Chicago kids again. Treachery and old age? Or speed, youth, and energy? I still think these games are gooders, especially now they feature Martin Havlat, on his two month vacation between injuries.

Predictions? Nothing today. We've been jumping up and down on the sidelines saying that the Flames should be able to do better. Now it's time for them to show it.

Go big or go home, guys. Let's have at 'er.


  1. Flames win!

    Shaky goaltending? what's that? KIPPER from old has been visiting the team for the past 3 games. Hope he sticks around.

  2. Oh. Those are my knees which are still shaking. Every time I see that other picture :)