Monday, January 14, 2008

Cujo lives!

Sources, ranging from the Fan 590 in Toronto (I hate them) to ESPN (I hate them) have all-but-confirmed that Curtis Joseph has signed with the Flames.

My thoughts are this: I like it. Kipper's started 22 straight games, and let's be honest, he could use a day off. I loved Cujo's performance in the Spengler cup, it shows he's still got it. Probably not as a workhorse, but as a reliable backup? You betcha.

Plus side is, the kids get to play more in QC, rather than being an expert door operator and bench warmer extraordinaire.


  1. I read it on the Sportsline message boards...

    As I posted on Saturday, I am also in favour of the idea of Cujo coming to the Flames...

  2. Apparently the deal is $1.5M/yr, prorated so we don't have to pay him for the entire season.

    I like it. More darkly, it doesn't leave us up a creek should a groin (ahem, lower body) injury or something like come up...

    But knock on wood. Knock on a lot of wood...

  3. i wonder, though, what happens when there are three goalies in the QC ??

  4. Has the AHL trade deadline passed yet?

    If not, I'd guess somebody is about to become real familiar with the ECHL.