Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What is bigger than Chicago and smaller than Columbus?

Answer: Nashville*
(*This is an actual attempt I made at getting people to guess Nashville while playing Cranium Hoopla. You know, I named two Central Div teams, one of which doesn't have a franchise in any other majors leagues, and put them in the standings. I should have been playing with hockey fans...or even people who know Columbus and Nashville have NHL franchises. Alas.)


Everybody take their flying leap off the bandwagon? Obviously the Flames still have some issues. Namely, with momentum. They will take any kind they can get, and magnify it a gazillion-fold. When we're winning, we're unstoppable. When we're losing, FORTHELOVEOFGOD JUSTFOLDTHEFRANCHISENOW!

And these same issues with momentum seem to play headgames with us especially when we're losing. The Phoenix and Edmonton games were so similar in terms of the guys not having the confidence to score (much less potting a goal anytime before the third period).

So... that means... we gotta... come out strong. Play a full 60 mins. Make sure our defence made it off the bus. Y'know, all that stuff.

Nashville has been doing pretty good even with some obvious injury issues. Radulov has been an emerging star, and the goaltending has stabilized to a large degree. Their weak point might be on defence, where Weber and Ryan Suter (I think) are still injured, but they're hardly the cornerstones of the Preds' d-corps anyways.

Oh. It was 7-4 last time we were in Nashville... let's say it's 3-0 this time.

By the way, I was looking over the YoungStars roster, and besides not containing any goalies, I have a random question: Who the HELL is Tyler Kennedy? And is he older than Sidney Crosby?


  1. you've been predicting a lot of shutouts lately, darlin'.... but i have to ask: 3-0 for which team ???

  2. 3-0 for which team ???

    I'm not saying. I don't know if you saw my observations about my predictions after the Edmonton game, but ... it's a pretty compelling pattern.

    Duncan: Yeah! No penalties! And Yeah! Sarich remembers to keep his evil twin at home...

  3. Sarich remembers to keep his evil twin at home...


    As for the Preds D corps...I love it. Lots of guys that will a.) get better with experience and b.) provide full value for their contracts (Hamhuis is signed long-term for 2M/year!). Suter is struggling and Weber is injured, but I still envy Poile's work on the back-end in Nashville.

  4. Plus, those kids (Weber and Suter) are going to look great for years to come, and there's two of them...

  5. yeah! I second that Leanne, 3-0! (and for whom? I ain't tellin)

  6. Wow, damn nice prediction. Poor result though.

  7. Indeed. Frustrating in so many ways...

    For one, tradebait or no, could Tanguay please just shoot it?

  8. well i guess that answers my question...........