Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Sorry about that. My bad.

Sooooo...who wants in on some lottery ticket action? :)

I'm going to just go over a few positives I saw in the game. I'm sure the negatives will be more than adequately covered later on.

David Moss! My, how I missed him. I thought he put a bit of extra jump into the Boyd/Lombardi combo which Keenan seems dead set on. Not that they were flawless tonight by any stretch... but nobody was, really, tonight.

Aucoin This means no Rhett Warrener for now. Do I need to explain this? No? Didn't think so. Moving right along...

McElhinney This is one of the few times this year I've been able to watch McElhinney objectively (the Columbus game where he sat two rows ahead of me doesn't count - he could have brought his PSP and a six of beer for all it mattered to the game), and I have to say I'm encouraged. He's really damn fast, and also kind of catlike, which is strongly reminiscent of Kipper's first days in Calgary. That said, he's a bit too eager to play the puck, has occasionally awkward positioning and is really small for a goalie at this level. Like, Theo Fleury small. But he's young and will fill out... if he can improve his puck handling and positioning, maybe this time next year we won't have to dial-a-Turek.

Tomorrow's another game day...Minnesota this time. Good god, the thought of Gaborik and Demitra unleashed on our ever-potent D does not a comfortable night's sleep make.


  1. Oye Leanne, that was eerie. At any rate, Mackle-ainy looked pretty solid right. -Rob

  2. What happened to predicting losses for Calgary in hopes that they will actually win a game?

  3. ....comforting only in that i've got demitra in both of my pools. otherwise ? scary....

  4. I'm starting to not like the fundamental makeup of this team.

  5. Iginla= no friend of Minnesota. Most people I know loathe him. GDI.

  6. Kirsten... I think we all have a soft spot for players that make other teams' fans curse him, hate him, loathe him ...

    Phaneuf does this a lot - it only makes him more adorable.

    And Iggy... yeah, I could see why you guys don't care for him ;)