Thursday, November 29, 2007

Iggy Iggy Iggy

804 games is a hell of a lot of games.

And one thing I've taken away from those is that there is always a way to stay upbeat and positive. It seems appropriate that on a milestone-setting night for Mr. Positive himself, I plug my fingers into my ears and sing "LaaaalalaladodododododooooICAN'THEARYOU" somewhat loudly, in response to all sorts of dark mutterings elsewhere, it's all good!

Yay optimism!

I don't know if there's anything more that can be said about Iggy. Go check out what we've had to say before, we've had some gooders.

It's the 804th game for Iggy, it's the first NHL game to one Tim Ramholt. Welcome to the circus, guy. Hell of a way to get tossed in.

I'm not expect too much that's amazing tonight. The extras are pretty injured, with a groin strain to Yelle, shoulder problems for Aucoin, and five golden... no, hip issues for Nolan. And there was something about Nilson and a concussion...

No matter what the Ducks have been up to (go check out Sleek's take at Battle of California), I expect Iggy not to be embarrassed, Ramholt to be hung out to dry once (well, they're not allowed to haze him anymore, right?), and Kipper to be better than last time.

Um. 3-2 for us, the Ducks will have to wait another game for a win, sorry.


  1. I forgot about Iggy's milestone game! Change my prediction to 26-2 now.

  2. LaaaalalaladodododododooooICAN'THEARYOU

  3. Expect the dark mutterings to continue.