Monday, November 12, 2007

Hemsky and Regehr

Who else is sick of the whole Regehr / Hemsky debacle in the blogosphere? I know I am.

You've all seen the hit. The observant people among us have watched it about a dozen times or more. So let's get this out of the way.

Is it suspension-worthy? No.
Why? Because it was a battle for the puck. It looks to be an unfortunate set of circumstances that ended up in a fortunate manner, with no injuries to anyone involved. It's a scenario that happens dozens of times a day in the NHL, two players jockeying for the puck as they race down the ice. In this case, Hemsky comes up from behind, gets the position on Regehr. In most cases, Regehr would simply pin Hemsky along the boards as they jam at the puck at their feet. In this case, Hemsky's skate picks the ice, throwing him off balance as they approach the boards and Regehr's attempted pin sent Hemsky flying face-first into the boards.

Yes, it looked scary. Really scary. But is there anyone here to blame? Sure. I think the boarding call on Regehr fit just fine.

I'm bored of this story. What else can we talk about? Oh! How about the Flames are sucking? I really don't know what to comment on, though. Truth be told, last week was brutally busy for me and the only thing I saw was period 3 of the Oilers game (which didn't look too bad -- but Garon isn't that good). It's time for Keenan to return the Mr. Nice Guy costume to Walmart and whip out "Iron Mike".


  1. It's time for Keenan to return the Mr. Nice Guy costume to Walmart and whip out "Iron Mike".


  2. I think the Regehr hit was borderline. I dont think it was malicious, but it was the type of thing where the aggressor should probably let up a bit given the target's vulnerable position.

    I'd be okay with a one-game suspension, though Im certain that won't happen.

  3. Yeah, I was very on the fence about the hit. It wasn't blatant, just lazy on Regehr's part. But I suspect we'll hear nothing more of the hit, besides all the entertainment the Edmonton fans are churning up moaning about how unfair life is.