Monday, November 5, 2007

Pure coincedence

It's funny. Over on HLOG, we're talking a lot about superstitions, what with Halloween and all.

Then, today, we spent all class talking about a technology called Avalanche.

Not gonna read anything into it, nuh-uh.

Anyways. We're into the big two weeks of nothing but divisional rivalry. Last year, the Northwest Division was without a doubt the hardest one to play in. This year, it looks as if the balance has shifted to others. I'm thinking specifically of the Central Division, which, though consisting of a great number of inconsistent teams, are a damn bit tougher to play than in years previous (... and that is NOT because we just lost to Detroit yet again...)

Um. I honestly don't like our chances tonight, but we'll pop a couple of extra goals in there, just because Theo Fleury is doing the colour on the PPV broadcast I don't get to watch. 5-2 Calgary.


  1. Ok... I wanted to say we were going to lose 4-1 just like the last two games, but I... couldn't...

  2. i didn't know you were taking nerd in school !!!! :)