Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pre-Game: Colorado @ Calgary, and other stuff

So the Flames are...(whips out calculator)...about a quarter of the way through the season. Interim Report Card: D-. MG and Matt have some detailed posts to hammer down the specifics, but I'm of the opinion that basically there's nothing unfixable on this team, and they just need to learn to play their A game with more frequency, and all at the same time. And also, not suck on the special teams. Who is (are) the special teams coach(es) anyway?

Regehr is, thankfully, not seriously injured from the puck-to-the-head incident against Vancouver. Nilson's out with a concussion. Why is it that Vancouver keeps concussing our boys?

It's time to stop this slide. We need a decisive win. Not a win where the puck deflects off every possible skater in the net for a 8-7 win, but the 5-1 plastering variety. (Please?)


  1. Once Kipper gets better, a lot of problems will "go away", meaning we won't notice them as much anymore. It's bound to happen eventually.

    Why is it that Vancouver keeps concussing our boys?

    Because they're a team of spineless, cheap-shot artists.

  2. Well? A plastering accomplished with minimal SOG. And some beauty goals...