Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'll make this quick

So, just WHO, in all their marketing wisdom, in the Calgary Flames organization thought it would be a good idea to put a PPV game on Grey Cup Sunday?

Just wondering.

Game has started (both of 'em)... off I go.

Deep thoughts for another day.


  1. Well apparently the Flames got caught up in watching the Grey Cup and forgot to play their own game.

  2. Actually, I think the PPV scheduling has a lot to do with what games are available after the major networks have their choice. This was one of the few that wasn't picked up by anyone.

    That said, that doesn't mean the Flames themselves HAD to choose to broadcast it.

  3. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Warrener took extra care to break his leg last night so he could catch the Grey Cup in peace ;)

  4. I would have rather the Flames had broadcast that game against Nashville earlier this season...

    My PVR is now completely irrelevant in regards to Flames success, as I recorded both games this weekend, and they went 1-1. I still haven't watched the game from Saturday night (A friend was in town from Vancouver), and I deleted the other one after my brother let it slip that they lost. Although I probably should have kept it anyway, so as to get a look at how McElhinney appeared in his first start... oh well, too late...

    Of course, I'm not really sure when I'll get a chance to watch Saturday's game...