Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pre-Game: Edmonton

Errr... Dave did say I was allowed to be lazy.

I don't have much to add to last game's pre-game. We saw a lot more of Eriksson than I feel comfortable with, though it was easily his best game for the Flames so far. Sarich's ice time was cut significantly down which I found interesting, but inexplicable. Injury?

Anyways, we need a win. It's been like a week. Go Flames!


  1. Pathetic, depressing, frustrating.

    Time for Keenan to shove Mr. Nice Guy in a sock drawer and never open it again.

  2. Well... yeah, it is November.

    My notes for the game:
    1) Eriksson got way too much ice time (my dad has this painfully optimistic theory that this means we're trying to shop him. If only).
    2) I like what they're trying to make Regehr and Phaneuf do, though Phaneuf in particular is trying to do more than maybe he needs to.
    3) Maybe it's what the Oilers do, but we just look slow. Cycling the puck on the PP is great, but only if you do it fast enough so the other guys don't have time to react.
    4) I should really get back in the habit of pecking out post-game posts.

  3. Also, a shoutout to the Dallas Stars, with the Way-to-Make-Me-Feel-Better Prize.

    up 4-0 with 10 mins left to go, and you lose 5-6 in OT?