Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hell on Wheels

Exacerbating the team's recent problems, the Flames suffered a 10-9 loss yesterday to the kids at the Alberta Children's Hospital. How bad is it? The Flames haven't won a single one of these in my lifetime. That's a lot of sick kids. Evidence from the scene of the crime is here.

Man, when your star d-man bags a hat-trick, and you still can't win...

Fine, back to the kids we actually should be worrying about.

Chicago is the new Nashville. Like Nashville in years past, they're going to be a fast, physical team that just leaves you gasping for breath. There are some weak spots - young players can be exploited for their mistakes after all. And Khabibulin is no Vokoun. Not these days, anyways, we'll forget about the spring of 2004...

That said, there's some good things happening on the Flames. I don't pretend that the win the other day solved all our problems. However, it's nice to see Nolan developing chemistry with at least a couple of other players: Lombardi, over the weekend, and now Conroy and Nystrom. Speaking of Lombardi, the guy is playing some of the hottest hockey of his career, and that's not just due to the dimples. His play has matured tremendously over the last year or so, and he has earned that spot on the first line - provided, of course, we see him playing on it tonight.

It'll be interesting to contrast Lombardi against Chicago's kids. While they won't be conducting footraces all night long, the crazy bursts of speed coming from both ends will be a treat to watch. So hang on tight tonight. There's been some amazing changes in Chicago since the last time we played them, and if both these teams bring their A game, it'll be a gooder.

I don't think the rollercoaster is over quite yet, though I won't be complaining that we're not playing a divisional rival. There's going to be quite a few things we're going to have to see before I'm convinced we've totally turned the corner. Special teams will have to be solid, with sustained pressure whenever anybody's kicking around in the box. I'm going to have to see that third line be plausibly dangerous again. And our d-men will have to look like, well, they left the wheelchairs at the hospital. Stuff like that...

Calgary's still going to win, course. 4-3 for the good guys.


  1. Well at least the star d-man didn't cheat this year...

    There's been some amazing changes in Chicago since the last time we played them, and if both these teams bring their A game, it'll be a gooder.

    It seems to me that Chicago was tough every time the Flames showed up there. Oh wait, it's in Calgary tonight. Ah, so that's why it's on late here. Never mind. Yay! I'm looking forward to a gooder!

  2. There was a cute picture of the star D-man in today's Sun mugging with some of the, vanquerors?

    I'd have taken the page for you, but it didn't occur to me until I'd left the paper far behind.

  3. 'A gooder'... is that a Western Canada term? I realize that both you and HG lived in Toronto very recently, but there is no way you got that from here...

    You may have been better off NOT mentioning the paper, as I'm sure HG now expects you (or somebody) to go out and grab a copy for her... ; D

  4. ST is right - you better go track down that page. Be a bad student and rip it out from the library's copy. :P

    And 'a gooder' must come from the West. It doesn't sound strange to me at all so I must have grown up with it.

  5. Ummm...any other Calgarian readers? I could use a hand here...the Sun. Yeah, that thing. Thursday's...

    Finding a Glenn Healy hockey card would be easier... :P

  6. I expect one with a note of hilariousness soon. :P Anything from you'd like?

  7. Sorry guys I don't get the any papers anymore :(

  8. Sorry guys I don't get the any papers anymore :(

    Me neither. I don't bother to read them 95% of the time.

  9. Well, consider this a reminder for next time - pick one up! Sheesh. :P