Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What A Stupid Name For A Team

The name "Blue Jackets" was chosen to celebrate "patriotism, pride and the rich Civil War history in the state of Ohio and city of Columbus."

- Wikipedia

In a way, it is somewhat fitting that a team named after Ohio's rich history is as boring as its namesake. The Jackets, headlined by Rick Nash Pascal Leclaire, will visit Calgary (they will likely still be impressed by the city). Columbus is still, technically, in the playoff race but I have a feeling they've somewhat accepted defeat with the trade of Foote.

The Flames are coming off a decisive game over Phoenix, as we all know. Conroy is out, Tangs may be back, and Moss was called up. Iggy needs one more goal to pass tiny little Theo Fleury on the all-time Flames goal-scoring list, and I think he can get it done tonight. He's been playing very well the last several games, and the man is hungry for sole possession of that title.

But man, what's with Cujo? The man still has it. It's been so long since I've actually been comfortable with Kiprusoff warming the bench, usually I'm cringing every time the puck is shot in the general direction of the net. Remember when we used to have crappy goaltenders like Brian Boucher, who is only not crappy once out of every 17 games? What about Philippe Sauve, who is amazingly crappy even in the AHL and Germany's leagues: 0.826% with Boston in the NHL, 0.855% with Iowa in the AHL, and .889% with Hamburg in the Germany-Has-An-Elite-League?

I'd also like to issue an apology. It seems none of our scooped deadline trades came to pass. I've personally fired Eklund and will not use him as a source for trade rumours for at least one month.


  1. Sigh, be nice to my team what did we ever do to you?! It should be a great game we're playing some really good hockey and I've been smack talking with my Canadian cousin, so we need to win.

  2. What did they ever do to me?

    I think I've seen the Jackets in person more than any other visiting team. (Cheap Tickets).

    And man, it was soooo not worth it for sooo many games. :(

  3. Well that's your own fault for being so damn cheap. ;)

  4. hey asshole just wait till we kick your ass tonight and lets see what you have to say then. i dont rip on your team or any others for that matter we are up and coming team(i know long time coming)but to me half of the fun of sports is cheering your team on to win not knowing they WILL win. so while your hating the bluejackets ill be enjoying the GAME......and one time and one time olny just for you FUCK THE FLAMES......

  5. I think this my first official flame on this site (no pun intended). I'm so honoured!

    Welcome to the site!

  6. No fair. When do I get to play?

    Welcome aboard, Stephen. You should hear what we say about our own damn team.

  7. A foul-mouthed, mouth-breathing, drive-by commenter? Im jealous.

  8. do you think stephen will ever comment again, since the flames won the other night ?? i'm gonna go with no.... but i think with all my spare time i might surf all of the blue jackets opponent blog sites to see if i can find further venom (it IS rather amusing)...