Thursday, March 13, 2008

Humming tunelessly while thinking of something to write about

Sounds better than "slobbering and sniffing and sneezing while thinking of something to write about...""

Doesn't it?

So the Flames (aka Atlanta, Mark I) are on the ice again tonight to take on the Thrashers (aka Atlanta, Mark II).

Last night's game didn't sound too close, but I admit to having followed it on the ole internet radio while half-passed out on cold medication. So what do I know? We started strong at least... looks like yet again, we got hosed by penalties.

So tonight? Not sure about the goalie situation, but at any rate, they'll have to start strong, play all game, ease off on the penalties. I view Atlanta as easier prey for now than Washington - contain Kovalchuk (you might as well, guys, I'm out of LW games in our rotisserie league - more on that below) and all should be mostly well. You might have to watch out for the ex-Penguins in the lineup, too. They seem to be carrying a chip on their shoulders for being traded away from Crosby.

I`m going to leave you guys with the standings of our fantasy league, while I`m still grimly clinging to the lead. Things have been bad the last couple of weeks as I ran out of max games. However, I doubt somewhat Dave will overtake me, so life is good.

1. Woolly brained (me)
2. The Pant Weasels (Dave's brother)
3. The Hopelesses (MG)
4. Completely Hammered (ST)
5. Flaming C (Paul-Marc... who ARE you?)
6. The Pantless Pirates (Dave)
7. Craig Conroys (Duncan. Can't believe you let Dave stay ahead. What gives?)


  1. Leanne and I would like to announce something: I actually control her team and she controls mine!

    Victory is mine!

  2. You wish buddy...

    Try again next year.

  3. Sorry, I kinda gave up on this one and provided my full attention to the pool in which I actually have a chance at winning. I'll be better next year, I promise.

  4. I'm just hoping I can get that deficit between me and first back down to a single digit.

  5. Seriously, next year I'm calling a fantasy team the pantless pirates. Best.Name.Ever.