Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lights Out for Earth Hour... and for Edmonton

Really, if they want to hold an awareness-raising, life-changing event like Earth Hour? They gotta check out the hockey schedule first.

So my computer will be going and my TV will be showing those moving picture-sound thinguses tonight... there are never games on the schedule as big as the ones against Edmonton.

We shouldn't expect a cakewalk tonight, nevermind what the big Huselius drama ends up turning out. The Oilers been really, really good lately, minus a few hiccups. Mind you, they are barely clinging to the edge of playoff contention, and with a strong game tonight, we can stomp on their fingers and send them flying down the cliff (Listen for the "SPLAT" when they hit bottom, it's the best part.)

I have had several friends over the last couple of days suggest that in the mutual interest of seeing Vancouver not make it to the dance, we should throw this one for the Oil... but really, where's the fun in that?

That said, three days off doesn't necessary let the Flames rest - could very well throw them off their game. That said, I'm expecting a good team, a hungry team, a team that is hitting their stride just as they're hitting the playoffs. And they'll be the ones wearing red and black.

Go Flames.


  1. Leanne, reading this post makes me wonder how long you've been watching this team!