Friday, March 7, 2008

Nashville pre-game

So apparently after the game in Vancouver last night, Nashville is all worked up about being worked over...

...hope they're ready for a repeat.

So, I have to admit we probably didn't deserve that win Tuesday night, apologies to Bethany and Stephen (we missed the rest of this week, come again!). But I'll take it... at least we got it. It did rather confirm a couple of things I saw:

1) Kipper is back. And in good time.
2) The team as a whole is getting run-down and tattered. It's starting to be obvious they're not as young as they were, say, four years ago, let's pick a random number!

So tonight we're up against Nashville, and ST is in town! If you've been reading other Flames blogs, you'll know the crowd is going to start off at the fabled Flames Central tonight, there potentially to depart for other (cheaper) environs.

No prediction. All bets are off when we hang out. We seem to sap out the good-Flames karma, or maybe they know we love to sit around and bitch.

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  1. LOL, you don't have to apologize my least not to me. Maybe to Stephen though haha. Although, my cousin texted me after and said, "wow, we didn't deserve that." I wrote back and said, "I am aware."