Saturday, March 1, 2008

Amateur Night

There's several views from several angles, and I've had to perform the excruciating task of looking at several views of this on YouTube, but for your viewing pleasure this Saturday, I'm able to present the following:

Two questions:

After his Guitar Hero pwning of his Flames teammates earlier this season, and this latest performance, is there anything Nystrom can't do?

Why was I not told earlier? (I only found out from cracking open, of all things, the morning paper)

Um. So I wisely (in retrospect) opted to go out and do other things last night, thus missing the Flames going down by a goal in the first 35 seconds of the game. I don't think any of us were too surprised... the boxscore last night shows all the hallmarks of a typical Flames game this season.

Weak start, penalty parade, meh. It would be nice if we could start playing in the first period, just like the other team does.

I'm looking for them to bounce back against the Coyotes tonight. We know the Coyotes are a much better team than in prior years, so it'll be a nailbiter. Expect it to be close, maybe even go to a bonus round.


  1. Ha ha ha. Fantastic find leanne!

  2. That's so fucking cool, there aren't words.

  3. They were showing that during the Washington Boston game last night, but they obviously didn't show the whole thing... they did do a split screen with Ned Braden though, and he was pretty much exact... I was waiting for him to grab a trophy at the end... lol