Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boo, Jackets

This is the last time this regular season we play a team from another division. And it's the Jackets, with their newly minted Captain Nash.

Couldn't happen to a nicer team - they're down a couple of key vets (traded on deadline day), their starting goalie is out (though we've seen Norrena this season before, and it wasn't pretty. Except the view I got from just behind the bench). They've been playing well lately, but hurt by the fact that they tried to give up the ghost about two weeks back (losing to us last time we played them two weeks ago in a stultifyingly dull 1-0 game is what drove me to render that verdict).

Still, they've got some terrific young talent, and it'll be interesting to see whether Nash flourishes in his new (though hardly unexpected) role.

As for us... I could spit out the same cliches I've been spouting since November but it wouldn't really make a difference. Tanguay is supposed to be a gametime decision, but the smart money says he's out tonight. Nystrom isn't playing (boy should clearly make love, not war) thanks to the fight with Burish the other day... expect to see Boyd or possibly Moss back in.

I hope we're not deliberately counting down to Iggy scoring 50 goals. That sort of dynamic (let's set him up for a hat trick, let's make sure he bags this record) always seems to make the team crack under pressure. It's just a terrible distraction for the team.

So here's hoping we get those two points, WI manages to approximate the effect of a tupperware party by surrounding herself with plastic container goodness, and ignore anything mean Bethany has to say about us. But go read her, do.


  1. I am currently trying to decide if I'd rather castrate myself with a rusty spoon or watch the CBJ play tonight. I'm leaning towards spoonage.

  2. i thought boyd had some shoulder thing ? i could look it up but that would be like work. and i fancy myself unemployed.... ;)

    how many days till brandon prust gets promoted to the bigs ?

  3. We must win this game. Period. Leanne I have taken your sage advice and not predicted anything. Let's see how this turns out.

  4. Were you being serious when you said unexpected? Come on you knew Nashty would be the Cappy.

  5. I said "hardly unexpected..."

    That ain't a double negative that don't count ;)

  6. Rob: Predict away, next time out. We're packing WI off to a tupperware factory for a life full of um, parties, so it won't matter what the rest of us are up to.

    Including, apparently, the boys.

  7. The game tonight is driving me to swear...

    Which is not something I do lightly...

    I just scared the bejesus out of my sister...

  8. Yeah. Pretty terrible... kind of reminds me of that one game in the playoffs last year.

    You know the one. I'm not going into detail.

  9. Leanne, my bad.
    I don't know what you guys are talking about that game was great ;)
    It was highly entertaining though...at least for me.