Thursday, April 19, 2007

This is the Dawning of the Age of Huselius

I really wanted to use that headline when Huselius kicked ass in the playoffs. I'm still waiting, Juice! Time to kick it up a few notches! BAM! And all that. Dazzle me with your squirmy miracle working, this is a good game to do it.

For if the Flames lose this one, it's all over. It's a big, big game that, apparently, many people will not get to watch in favour of the most exciting playoff series to date -- Vancouver vs Dallas. Yippie. Regehr will have a great seat in the press box, which does concern me, but I'm really glad Giordano can stay on the team as well.

What needs to be done to pick up the W? The usual...

  • Very strong, very tough, very crash-crash-bang-bangy physical play.
  • Ability to actually clear the zone when needed.
  • Stay out of the box! But stay physical! They're not mutually exclusive, Playfair...
  • Intimidate the De-troy-it players with a thunderous audience that actually cares enough about the team to wear jerseys (suck it, "Hockeytown", you are impostors!)
  • Taunting Hasek repeatedly with awful taunts (eg, "Hasek! Why don't you make like your country and split!")
  • Scoring is a plus.
  • Keeping the puck out of our own net is plus-plus.
  • Kipper, stay strong, brother!
Bring it! The best part of the awful start in this series is my lowered expectations. I've nowhere to go but up, and damnit, I wanna get hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh on this team. Upwards and away, my children! Play like you mean it!


  1. No question, Juice has to be better. His hustle has been first rate but he's squeezing his stick pretty hard. If he can break out and do his thing...

  2. The Juice is loose. I can feel it. Tonight, witness a return the the CGY power play top secret plan. Get the puck to Juice.