Monday, April 23, 2007

More Shame, of a Different Ilk

I'm not surprised at how last night's game ended up. I am slightly surprised that for all of the talk about class lately, there are a chorus of Oilers fans that celebrated the happiest day of their season last night. The thread on Battle of Alberta I just linked to is pretty incredible, in this respect.

There are 80 comments there as I post this, and the vast majority of them seem to come from what are clearly Edmonton natives. Some of these people bother with proper grammar, but most don't. They all share a common theme -- elation, poor sportsmanship, and no class. The whole starter of the thread is one Andy Grabia, who supposedly retired from the site what, 3-4 posts of his ago?

Is Andy your prototypical Oilers fan? Certainly one of the most vocal. I am amazed how many Oiler fans logged on late on a Saturday night to post immature taunts and comments to celebrate the loss of their provincial brethren.

One of the best comments comes from mc79hockey:

C' can't find a pic of Vernon skating off the ice after one of their countless OT losses with him in net?

For all the Flames fans who talked so much shit this year: eat it. One more year before the market realities kick in in Calgary. I think Iggy will look very nice in a Coyotes sweater.

Followed quickly by another comment he made:
They were just brutally outclassed.

Beaut, isn't it?

What is it about hockey that makes people from Edmonton act like children? (I idly note that Daymond Langkow, Jarome Iginla, and Jamie McLennan are all Edmonton born and raised).

It should be a crime for the Oiler fans to be able to mock or celebrate anything, given their season.


  1. I don't exactly think this is limited to Oilers' fans, just to bitter people.

  2. Schadenfreuden, yes? We had ours in early March, they're getting theirs now.

    And there's no shortage of Flames fans joining in the incoherent pile-on...

  3. heh. I expected nothing less. Can't say I blame them - at this point they had nothing else to cheer for besides a Flames collapse. Unfortunately, it was given to them.

  4. Leanne: That's precisely the word I was looking for. Thanks.